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Moon Audio™, we create reference quality studio-grade audio components ... for the home.

Beyond compare, our products deliver the highest quality sound reproduction possible while providing aethetic designs that will excite your senses. Close your eyes and experience the original sonic event recreated with a realism and exactness that will leave your questioning"what is real".

Moon Audio™ goes beyond in our speaker design to deliver exceptionally flat frequency response, deep bass output, high power handling, and wide accurate sound stages all within the constraints of the smallest cabinet size possible delivering more sound in less space. Premium components, exacting standards, tight tolerances, extensive listening comparisons in the studio and critically demanding quality control delivers unmatched performance every time. The final product is wrapped in luxurious exotic wood veneers and delivered in silk.

Beyond comparision, our integrated amplifiers meld the best of tubes with the speed of solid state combined with massive power, ultra high-grade parts, remote controlled operation and full phono support - all in a single chasis designed to minimize cable noise and distortion by eliminating everything except the speaker cables. Short signal paths, dual torroidal transformers, premium internal wiring and tireless attention to the details result in performance that rivals the original event ... everytime.

Beyond simple suspension, our anti-gravity magnetic levitation stands isolate our speakers and components from the destructive damge caused by vibration migration. Superior to cones, feet, wood, springs, and any other known material, air provides the best isolation and by using magnetic inversion you equipment will virtually float in mid-air immune from the ravages of vibration.

Every product we sell goes beyond the most critical listening tests, by enduring measurements and side by side comparisons with competitive products costing as much as $100,000 each to assure you of the best performance and value for your investment.

Moon Audio™ ... beyond. .



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